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    Our TV show will broadcast

    Hair Lab TV Show will broadcast Universal Hair Salon Inc. every Wednesday at midnight. This show will provide you with exclusive information about hair and how to get the get the best result’s. The show will also give you details on Japanese & Brazilian straightening, color correction, relaxers, hair higlighting, scalp and treatment, hair and […]


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Universal Hair Salon Inc. is an establishment located on the East Side of Midtown Manhattan. The professionals at our salon provides professional hair and beauty treatment for both men and women. We offer affordable and reasonable prices. Our client can count on receiving the best level of service that they deserve.
The Salon is operated by Jeff, born in Croatia. He has been a hair stylist for over 30 years. Jeff’s experience comes from learning, observing and sharing styling secrets with his family. Over his 30 years of experience, Jeff challenged himself to perfect and understand the techniques relating to applying hair color, perms, and straightening processes. He also challenges his stylists to learn and to be intrigued on ways to improve a person’s appearance.

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